We buy and sell Money Market Instruments on behalf of our clients. Such Money Market Instruments include: 

Treasury Bills

This is a short term instrument issued by the central bank of Nigeria on behalf of the federal government to borrow fund from the money market to balance her short term cash flow variations. It is a good investment instrument for risk aversive investors. Interest is payable up front and the tenure is 90 days. It is risk free

Treasury Certificates

This is another instrument used by the Federal Government to borrow on short term basis from the market. It is for a period of 180 days. It is risk free

Banks Acceptance (BA)

Banks also borrow from the money market to augment their deposit mobilization for daily operational needs. The instrument for this is called Bankers acceptance (BA). It is issued for a period of 90 days at negotiable rate. The instrument is unsecured.

Commercial Paper (CP)

Like Bankers Acceptance, commercial Paper (CP) is a short term investment instrument issued by companies to raise money from the money market. The instrument is for a period of 90 days and attracts competitive interest rates. The instrument is unsecured.

Other Bank Products

There are several products designed by banks apart from Bankers acceptance to mobilize short term funds. One attractive feature of these instruments is that interest on them is free from withholding tax.

For more information on any of these money market instruments, please call:

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