Opportunities abound regularly in the Capital Market for investors to boost their investment portfolio. But most times investors lack the liquidity to tap such opportunities.

However, with Dominion's Investment Portfolio Booster, investors can now smile as they watch their portfolio expand rapidly. With a contribution of 30% of the amount to be invested, Dominion Finance will buy the agreed shares subject to mutually agreed terms.


  1. Opportunity for rapid wealth creation
  2. Opportunity for well diversified investment portfolio thus spreading the risk
  3. Access to professional investment advisory services
  4. No collateral required
  5. Negotiable and affordable interest rates
  6. Flexible and convenient repayment terms
  7. Personalized service

For Whom

  1. Anyone interested in Capital Market Investment
  2. Salary earners
  3. Businessmen willing to build up investment portfolios which can serve as first class collateral for credit facility in the future

For further information contact

Leke on 08023611424, 07028703346
Siji on 08055318124, 018913098