This is a product specifically packaged for business organizations. It affords them the opportunity to acquire essential assets such as motor vehicles, air conditioners, computers, generator etc which the company can not immediately fund. With a deposit of minimum of 25% of the cost, Dominion Finance will provide you with the asset immediately while you pay the balance in instalments over a mutually agreed period of time.


  1. Easy acquisition of essential assets for your organisation
  2. Flexible and friendly repayment terms
  3. Affordable due to minimal initial payment
  4. Repayment is fixed, hence serves as an hedge against inflation
  5. Conserves working capital for the company's core operations
  6. Enhances the company's borrowing capacity
  7. Provides an edge against obsolescence in view of the rapid rate of developments in technology
  8. Packaged to suit your organisation's peculiarities
  9. Has tax advantage
  10. No Collateral
  11. Very attractive interest rate
  12. Swift Response

For Whom

  1. The product is specifically designed for businesses with proven good and regular cash flow


  1. 25% down payment on cost of asset
  2. Proof of regular cash flow
  3. Signed agreement on mode of repayment