Our Company, Dominion Finance Limited (DFL), a member of the DOMINION GROUP, is a non bank financial institution. We are licensed by Central Bank of Nigeria to carry out finance company businesses in Nigeria. We are member of Finance Houses Association of Nigeria and equipment Leasing Association of Nigeria.

We are out to mobilize fund from the surplus sectors of the economy and channel it towards the productive sector to meet the needs of operators particularly those that could not easily meet the requirements of the banks, thus ensure that no profitable ventures is jettisoned for lack of fund. We have successfully carried out this laudable function for over two decades to the benefit of the economy. 

Our fore-runner Dominion Trust Limited, came into existence in May 1989 as a Finance and Investment company. It was licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria as a Finance Company and by Securities and Exchange Commission as an Issuing House/Broker Dealer. The company consequently operates both in the money and capital markets of the economy. However, following Central Bank of Nigeria directive on Stand Alone Policy, Dominion Finance Limited came into existence in 2004 as a purely finance company taking over the money market activities of Dominion Trust Limited who thereafter became a purely Capital Market Operator.

Our core values are Professionalism, Integrity, Passion and Swift and Personalized Service.

Private Schools Finance Lease & Bridging Finance School Buses Official Cars Generator Computers Air Conditioners
Petroleum Product Dealers Stock Finance  
Haulage Transporters Finance Lease & Bridging Finance  Delivery Trucks
Suppliers & Contractors LPO Finance Contract Finance & Bridging Finance  
Employees/Individuals Consumer Lease Property & Acquisition Support  Cars & Developed Properties


Individual & Corporate Bodies Fund Management From N100,000 upward